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There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  We have allotments situated at Marsh Lane in Lymington, Alexandra Meadows in Lymington and at Deneside Copse, Pennington.  For more information, please contact us (tel: 02380 285893 / email:

Bath Road Recreational Ground
Bath Road, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 3SB
Situated between the Berthon Marina and Royal Lymington Yacht Club, this is an attractive site favoured by dog walkers, picnickers and children alike with an excellent view of the riverbanks and coastline.  The site includes a play area, chess table, pond and a Band Stand which hosts performances in the summer.  A picturesque picnic location with footpaths forming part of the Coastal Walk, this area also accommodates various festivals and fetes in the summer months.

Lymington Bowling Club is a friendly outdoor bowls club located in the centre of Lymington. The green is open from the middle of April to the end of September.  Please telephone 01590 670870 for more information or visit

Lymington Bowls 2018

A chess table is situated at Bath Road, enjoying stunning views of Lymington River.  This is free to use, is great for mental wellbeing and has easy access for wheelchair users.  All you need to bring is chess / draughts pieces.

Coastal Nature Reserve
The four miles of coastal nature reserve to the west, which stretches from Lymington to Hurst Spit, has received European and national recognition as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Hampshire County Council acquired the 80 acre Normandy Farm in 1973 along with the 38 acre Salterns Estate.

In 1979 a substantial grant from the Countryside Commission resulted in the County Council purchasing 180 acres at Pennington and Oxey marshes, followed by the acquisition of 117 acres of Keyhaven Marshes in 1984, along with 20 acres at Hurst Spit.

Encompassing some of the most unspoilt scenery in southern England, mostly wetland with salt and fresh water lagoons, the coastal nature reserve is managed by Hampshire Wildlife Trust.  The wardened reserve is a recreation haven for walkers, birdwatchers and anglers.  This is also the only site in Britain to host the Small Bristle worm.

Cricket pitches are located at Pennington Recreation Ground, Lymington Sports Ground and Woodside Park.  They can be hired for occasional matches throughout the season.  The pitches at Woodside can be hired together with the use of the Pavilion.  Details of the Lymington Cricket Club can be found at

A croquet green is provided by the Council at Woodside Park.  Lymington Croquet Club usually play from late April until late September / early October and can be contacted via their website

Facilities are provided by the Council for Lymington Town Football Club to play at Lymington Sports Ground, off Southampton Road.  The Council also maintains pitches for hire at Pennington Recreation Ground.

The Lymington Football Club has adult, U18, Junior and Girls football and can be contacted via email: and via its website For Juniors, please email:


To book cricket and football pitches, please contact the Council Offices, Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9ZG (tel: 02380 285893 / email:

Grove Gardens
Lymington, Hampshire SO41 3RL
This recreational area is located centrally to Lymington Town and is an open, grassed space offering a pleasant place to picnic and play.

Gym - outdoor
An outdoor gym is situated adjacent to the tennis courts in Woodside Gardens for all to use, free of charge.  It consists of nine pieces of equipment - one of which is for wheelchair users to access easily.

Lymington Health & Leisure Centre
Lymington Health & Leisure Centre has a 25m indoor pool, learner pool, sunbed, sports hall, tennis courts, general activity room and cafeteria.  

A full activity programme for children is provided every holiday period with experienced and qualified staff.

Swimming lessons are provided for all, from 3 month old babies to adults.

A wide range of activities are available to choose from including pilates, yoga and chi ball for adults and gymnastics, trampolining and soccer for juniors.  There are numerous weekly keep-fit, circuit and aerobic classes.

Address: North Street, Pennington, Lymington, SO41 8FZ
Tel: 0845 659 0845 / Website: Health & Leisure

Lymington Meadows
Lower Buckland Road, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9DS
This public open space is an ideal area to play and walk dogs, along with a popular play area.

Lymington Sports Ground
Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9GH
Football, cricket, tennis and bowls can all be played at this popular recreational area.

Open Air Sea Water Baths - Please click here Sea Water Baths for up-to-date information.
The Sea Water Baths are one of the largest along the south coast and date back to the 1780s.  Mrs Beeston, who took over the baths in November 1872 following her husband's death, capitalised on the growing public health interest in sea water and mud by using an inlet from the Salterns and advertising her "strengthening sea baths".

In 1825 the charges were:

"For a warm bath: 3s. 6d; shower ditto, 2s. 0d; cold water bath with guide: 1s. od; without guide, 6d. Every care and attention to the comforts of the invalid and the convalescent will be found strictly observed."

The male guide kept bathers afloat with the use of a rope.  The baths gained in popularity with customers travelling from all over England to bath in the health strengthening waters and mud.  In 1833 a larger building was funded by shares and donations (£6000 in total) under the Lymington Bath and Improvement Co. to house hot, cold and vapour baths with separate wings for ladies and gentlemen and large swimming baths at the western extremity.

Further mud flat areas were taken over for pastimes such as archery, rifle shooting and even a 12 hole golf course in 1893, all below sea level.  With a membership of 200 in 1916 and a ladies club, the course unfortunately flooded and then again in 1937.  With the onset of the Second World War the course was closed.

After various owners the local Corporation acquired the Sea Water Baths in 1929.  The baths are now owned by Lymington &Pennington Town Council.

Pennington Common
Pennington, Hampshire SO41 8GG
This Site of Special Scientific Interest is a beautiful place in which to walk and enjoy.  There is a strong wildlife habitat and areas on which fetes can be held.  An enclosed play area is very popular.

Pennington Recreation Ground
Lodge Road, Pennington, Hampshire SO41 8HH
Along with the Pennington Sports Pavilion, which is available to hire, this open space provides pitches for cricket and football.  An ideal space in which to play and walk dogs there is also a 'kick wall' on which to practice ball skills.

Emsworth Road Recreation Area, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 (adjacent to St Thomas Church's churchyard). 
This facility is free for all to use during daylight hours.  Taster sessions have been kindly offered by Mr Roger Eteen, every Tuesday afternoon from 2pm - 4pm.  Also, everyone is welcome to come and have a game every Thursday 2pm-4pm.  Mr Eteen can be contacted for more information on 07713 628872.

Play Areas
Children can enjoy the Council's numerous play areas located around Lymington and Pennington.  Fitted with climbing frames and adventure equipment, these areas are located as follows:-

Bath Road - Lymington, Hampshire SO41 3SB

Emsworth Road - Lymington, Hampshire SO41 (adjacent to St Thomas Church's churchyard). 

Pennington Common - Pennington, Hampshire SO41 8GG

Lymington Meadows - Lower Buckland Road, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9DS

Howards Mead - Pennington, Hampshire SO41 8GH

Woodside Gardens - Rookes Lane, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8FP

Deneside Copse - Pennington, Hampshire SO41 8JJ


Read about the enchanting 'Fey of Woodside' adobe icon The Fey of Woodside [15Mb]


Priestlands Pond
Located near Priestlands School, this area is a small urban woodland with two medium-sized ponds within it.

Friends of Priestlands Ponds 2018

Reedbeds and River
Hampshire Wildlife Trust manages the deep waterlogged soil of the reedbeds along the wide stretches on either side of Lymington River, north of the old tollbridge road (Bridge Road).

The reeds accommodate a variety of wildlife, providing breeding grounds for many animals including the rare Cetti's Warbler.

During the autumn, swallows, martins and yellow wagtails build up winter fat reserves by snacking on the considerable insect life, preparing for the long flight south.

During winter months, snipe feed in the sheltered reeds. Despite its close proximity to the town, the river is a favourite haunt for otters.

Contact Lymington Reed Beds (tel: 02380 613636) for more information.

Facilities are provided by the Council for Rugby at Woodside.  Details of Lymington Mariners RFC can be found at Lymington Mariners RFC

Two table-tennis tables are available at Woodside Park for use by all ages and abilities.  Just bring a paddle + ball to enjoy this fresh air activity for free.

Courts are available for public hire at Lymington Sports Ground, booked through Lymington Tennis Club (tel: 01590 676236) which has a clubhouse on the ground.  Courts are available daily from 9.00am until dusk.  Visit their website Lymington Tennis

For simple recreation rather than serious play, a free tennis court can be used at Woodside Park.

Woodside Park
This beautiful park accomodates the Woodside Sports Pavilion, football pitches, rugby pitches, a cricket pitch, croquet green, tennis court and Trust gardens for all to enjoy.  An enclosed play area is very popular and in 2012, the park became part of the 'Queen Elizabeth II Fields In Trust'.  There is strong wildlife habitat including a natural pond and areas on which fetes can be held.  Outdoor gym and outdoor table-tennis facilities are available for all ages and abilities to use. 

Take a Historic walk through Lymington  adobe icon Historic Town Trail [11Mb]