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Committee Structure


Policy & Resources

Cllr Alan Penson (Chairman)

Cllr Anna Rostand (Deputy Chairperson)

Cllr Peter Allen (Chair of Amenities)

Cllr Penny Jackman

Cllr Doug Rogerson (Chair of Planning)

Cllr Michael White




Cllr Peter Allen (Chairman)

Cllr Penny Jackman (Deputy Chairperson)

Cllr Nick Bubb

Cllr Jack Davies

Cllr Peter Draycott

Cllr Martina Humber

Cllr Andrew Sutherland


Cllr Doug Rogerson (Chairman)

Cllr Andrew Sutherland (Deputy Chairman)

Cllr James Brushwood

Cllr Jacqui England

Cllr Anna Rostand


The Mayor (Cllr Barry Dunning) and Deputy Mayor (Cllr Anne Corbridge) are appointed to all committees and sub-committees.

Any Councillor can act as a substitute in the event that a Committee member is unable to attend a meeting.