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Members' Interests & Allowances

The Lymington & Pennington Town Councillors are paid an allowance of £768.75 per annum.


Lymington & Pennington Town Councillors:-

 Cllr Peter Allen

 Cllr James Brushwood

 Cllr Nick Bubb

 Cllr Anne Corbridge (Town Mayor)

 Cllr Jack Davies

 Cllr Peter Draycott

 Cllr Barry Dunning

 Cllr Jacqueline England  

 Cllr Martina Humber

 Cllr Penny Jackman

 Cllr Alan Penson

 Cllr Douglas Rogerson

 Cllr Anna Rostand

 Cllr Andrew Sutherland (Deputy Town Mayor)

 Cllr Michael White