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Please find below notes on a bus meeting which will remain on this website until mid December.



Cllr Michael White

Cllr Anne Corbridge

Cllr Jacqui England

Caroline Godfrey

Morebus Adam Keen - Gave an overview on behalf of Morebus services

Morebus, Phil Curtis - Focused on the Bus Station Closure

Morebus: Gary Rose - Operations Manager

HCC Officers - unavailable to attend

Opening announcement from Town Mayor, Cllr Michael White

Cllr Anne Corbridge - Statement on behalf of the Town Council

·         Biggest issue is no 119 on Saturday

·         Impact on Market

·         Huge queues at bus stops on Saturdays

·         Higher than average elderly population in our area

·         HCC have choices - Anne gave a Devon CC example of a bus service every 10 minutes

·         HCC Consultation was poor on the changes


Aims of today's meeting

1.    HCC review service levels

2.    Communication channel to be opened

3.    Immediate Review of current service

4.    We need your thoughts on Cango


Cllr England - HCC overview from her perspective as an independent Councillor

·         78 councillors

·         Cllr Sean Woodward - Portfolio Holder for Transport.

·         £1.76m subsidies -112 £40,100, the 119 is £60k, the X1 £66.3k and the X2 is £15k, a total cost of £181,400

·         27 October 2014 Decision was made (to drastically reduce subsidies)


Comments from the public

·         Cllr Humber - Pennington Service 23% Survey - no transport for young people

·         Churchgoer cannot get to church at (Milford) from Everton

·         Bournemouth connection? - Budgets are limited

·         119 - Pennington resident - older people cannot walk down to village.

·         Chairman -Last meeting - Morebus did make changes - are they viable?

·         MB Response - there has been an increase in users.  Confirmed the services are Summer and Winter.                                    

·               Two types of service

1.    Commercially run

2.    Uncommercial service - need subsidies

They are a business and need to make a profit




Comments from the public

·         Barton on Sea - why cannot free bus pass holders use the service until 9.30am - can this change?

·         MB - Not their decision

·         Scheduling from Bournemouth Hospital - cannot get the connections anymore especially X3 and X6 Blue Star and 119

·         MB X3 is going to change in September.

·         Lack of information for tourists on bus timetables.

·         Everton Resident's Association- Can 119 move from Monday to Saturday.

·         MB Response - possible; MB will take this issue back to HCC. Subsequently confirmed that owing to PM School transport commitments this service cannot operate on Saturdays.

·         No longer a service from Foxponds to Tesco NM.

·         MB Response - 119 fully funded by HCC.  Now runs hourly.  Will speak to HCC about changes.

·         Service between Lymington and Bournemouth - buses go round the estates in Christchurch etc.

·         MB Response - Everyone asks for service changes

·         Support for Bus Drivers - vast majority are polite and they take the moans from the public.

·         Best use of resources - can we use the school service?

·         Lymington resident - How do we know when a bus is cancelled (used to be at Bus Station)

·         MB Response - Provision of Real Time Timetable information being investigated, subject to permanent siting of Bus Stops being confirmed by HCC.

·         Bus station closure - impact on residents.

·         Cllr Sutherland - Real Time bus info required.

·         MB All set up for Lymington - waiting for funding for infrastructure.

·         Has an impact assessment been made?

·         MB Resp. Yes did a proper survey and variations were made and will also look at connections.

·         Highcliffe resident - no Banks are in town. It is essential that the service continues to Lymington is where there are shops.

·         Stop buses taking a short cut down North Close - Block access and is very dangerous.

·         No 6 bus on Saturday only stops in Avenue Road - some Brockenhurst passengers find it too far to walk.  Resident from Brockenhurst


Cllr Corbridge - priorities from the meeting

1.    HCC decent subsidy

2.    119 back on Saturday

3.    Route of 119

4.    Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)  in place

5.    Connections - Number of people waiting for buses


MB Adam

Second time here, will review the Lymington Service

Ongoing review


Cllr England - Sale of bus station - can a percentage of the sale come to Lymington?

MB Response - Not a question I can answer

The rationale was commercial.


Bus Stops Issue

·         Hordle resident - Need a shelter by bus stops

·         Needed outside shops - Get wet and cannot carry heavy shopping

·         Gosport Street resident - doesn't want more stops

·         Oakhaven - window blocking of the shop

Browsing has increased - not all the public are polite.

Bus queues are dreadful - too many people without cover from the weather

·         Pennington resident - can buses use the coach spaces. - Now being used.

·         Need a stop near the Bus station - too far to walk with shopping. Now re-sited nearer to Bus Station Site

·         MB Response - Bus Station was an overhead burden but closing has caused problems

·         How long will bus drivers still use the bus station

MB Response: New accommodation for bus drives to be opened in 8 weeks

·         Bus shelters are too far back from kerb in Highcliffe.

·         We need a bus stop in the centre of the High Street.

Cango Service

·         New MiltonTC has agreed to support the booking service?

·         Mayor - To be discussed by Lymington & Pennington Town Council

·         Cllr Rendall from Hordle - is the Cango continuing? How does it work?


Cllr England - The 3 local County Councillors are supporting the service "There will be an announcement in the next 2 weeks"


Issues and LPTC Actions

1.    HCC  - will they increase subsidy to our local services?

LPTC have lobbied HCC on this matter and suggest that residents do the same. The County Councillor Cabinet Member with responsibility for this area is Cllr. Sean Woodward. Contact details from HCC website are  


Home Telephone: 01489 881030 
Mobile: 07825 300637 
Home Fax: 01489 881031 

2.    Investigate moving the 119 to Saturday from an alternative day  

LPTC councillors met with Morebus on 24th September 2015 and established that the weekday 119 services attract a subsidy for the school run; weekend services do not and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anyway to influence a change.  

3.    Route of 119

At the meeting on 24th September it was noted that no changes are proposed to the route of this service

.    Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)  in place

Morebus have explained that once a Bus Shelter is in place in the High Street they can investigate installing RTPI. LPTC have approached HCC regarding a grant for and siting of a permanent Bus Shelter.

5.    Connections - Number of people waiting for buses

LPTC have alerted Morebus to this problem and they have agreed to investigate the situation, which particularly affects Saturdays. 

6.    Bus stop in the High Street - permanent site will require a shelter

LPTC have written to HCC's Head of Passenger Transport see 4




Taster sessions have been kindly offered by Mr Chris Chubb - President of the New Forest Petanque Club - every Tuesday afternoon from 2 until 4pm.  Come along and enjoy a game of Boules.  Mr Chubb is able to lend you boules for the afternoon to get you started.



NFDC have asked us to display the following Electoral Registration information on our website:

As part of our annual voter registration canvass, households in the district will soon receive a form asking you to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register for those living at your address is correct.

The aim of the form is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.

With Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place across the country in May 2016, this is an opportunity for you to make sure that when the elections take place you will easily be able to take part.

Dave Yates, Electoral Registration Officer at New Forest District Council, said, "Anyone that wants to vote must be registered. To make sure you are able to have your say at the elections next year, it is important to respond promptly to let us know whether the information shown on the form is correct.  Depending on whether or not any changes are necessary, you may respond by internet, telephone or text, or by returning the paper copy of the form.  Follow the instructions on the form."

"If you're not currently registered, we'll send you information explaining how to register, or you can go online to apply at .   Registering is quick and easy but you will need your National Insurance Number and date of birth so have these to hand before you go online."

It's particularly important that anyone who has moved address recently looks out for the form and checks whether they are registered.

Research by the independent Electoral Commission indicates that across Great Britain, recent home-movers are far less likely to be registered than those who have lived at the same address for a long time. The research showed that 94 % of people who have been at their property for more than sixteen years will be registered compared to 40% of people who have lived at an address for less than one year.



The Council is supporting an initiative to improve and restore the obelisk and surrounds erected in memory of Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale at Walhampton. This monument can be seen from various points in the town. For more information on this important project please click on adobe icon Burrard Neale Brochure [5Mb]


POTHOLES: While this Council does not repair roads, potholes and pavement issues can be reported online at where you can also view the progress of items reported.


MEETING TIMES: Meetings of the Planning, Amenities and Policy and Resources Committees and Council meetings start at 6pm. Access to  meetings is from 10 minutes before the start of that meeting.

Please note that the Amenities, Policy & Resources and Council meetings are held in the NFDC Council Chamber, Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington.  Planning meetings are held in the Mayor's Parlour in the Town Council Offices. Access is at the rear of the building. Should you require any further information, please do  contact the Town Council for assistance.

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